About Mother María Shimani de Montserrat


Nun, writer and instructor, she is a co-founding member of the Grace Mercy Order and the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation.
She is the founder of Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception and the Light-Community Fraternity of Aurora. As a member of the Council of Regency and Permanent Guidance, she is responsible for the guidance of all the affiliates of Fraternity, International Humanitarian Federation. 

She is responsible for the guidance and instruction of the Grace Mercy Order and all the Light-Communities.

She is also dedicated to the work of prayer and transmission of the teachings of the Divine Messengers—Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph—diffused by Association Mary and Misericordia María TV. 

Her talks and books, available on Irdin Publisher’s webpage, focus on the current planetary situation and on the wide perspectives of humanity. 

These talks and books contain indications of Spiritual Hierarchies who assist us in this moment of inflection and changes, indications that invite us to actively seek peace in the world as a way to preserve humanity and the planet.